Camp Regis Applejack

About Camp Regis Applejack

Although grounded in traditions of the past, Camp Regis-Applejack has evolved over the past 70 years to focus on the needs of today's children and families. In providing 2, 3 and 5 week sessions, there is an awareness that some families desire to spend a part of the summer vacationing, traveling, or just relaxing as a family unit.

It is also important for parents to find a camp which adapts to the individual needs of their child. By providing excellent instruction in varied activities such as athletics, the visual and performing arts, aquatics and wilderness exploration, campers have the opportunity to try new activities as well as to improve on already existing skills. Under the watchful eye of the program specialty staff, enthusiastic skill building helps the campers to grow in confidence and self-esteem while gaining enjoyment from the many activities offered.

Camp Regis-Applejack is really two camps in one, each meeting the specific interests and needs of a different age group.

Camp Regis is for boys and girls ages 6 through 12. Here the focus is on the group living experience as well as on introducing campers to new activities and improving upon their already existing skills. This is the age when most children begin their resident camping experience. As such, the camp's nurturing staff provides support and guidance to help each new camper make a positive adjustment to new experiences and to a new environment.

Applejack is a teen camp for boys and girls ages 13 through 16. In addition to all of the in-camp activities, the teens are given the opportunity for more out-of-camp travel with day trips to such areas as Montreal, Quebec, and Lake George. The oldest teens participate in a week-long "teen tour" trip that in past years has visited Canada, Cape Cod, and The Maine coast. We also have a Camper-in-Leadership-Training program which provides an opportunity for the older teens to develop skills while working with younger campers or in activity areas, all under careful guidance and instruction.

As Camp Regis-Applejack enters it's 68th year, the Humes family and staff are looking forward to welcoming both new and returning campers for another summer of laughter, fun and friendship. A lifetime of memories await one and all on the shores of majestic St. Regis Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

International Campers

Many international families send their children to United States camps to improve their abilities in the English language, and to experience American ways and culture. Camp Regis-Applejack is in a unique position to provide a close-knit group living experience for campers who will live and learn together in small group units under the constant supervision of our competent and mature teachers and staff. Our international camper improve their English through activities, and by associating words and sentences with these activities. By the end of the season, we have found that almost all of our international campers leave with a greatly improved knowledge of the English language, an understanding of American customs, and, of course, with many American friends. In any case, we can assure you that your child(ren) will have a rewarding, meaningful, and enjoyable summer experience in our camps.